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Investiture of the Grand Priory of Montenegro

April 2014

The office of the Grand Chancellor of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, especially by means of the Aide de Camp responsible for the growth of the Order in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, Chevalier Stefan Andras, has been rigorously monitoring and assisting our team of dedicated Lazarites in the region in order to ensure the right founding team of Lazarite officers before any consecration of new Grand Priories in the region would be forthcoming.

The Supreme Grand Priory decreed that the first founding team of officers who were ready to embark with the Order as a fully consecrated Grand Priory were indeed our Montenegran brothers and sisters, led by the Grand Prior - Elect of Montenegro, the Chevalier Dragan Nikolic.

On the 5th of April 2014, with postulants and their guests and families from various areas of Montenegro, together with a sizeable delegation of the Order from neighboring jurisdictions such as Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, the Grand Chancellor of the Order and his investing Officers led a solemn consecration ceremony in which the Grand Priory of Montenegro was formally constituted within our Order as per the decree of the Supreme Grand Priory.

During the ceremony, Chevalier Dragan Nikolic KLJ was invested as Grand Prior and Confreres Bogovac Hadzi Milija, Vladimir Stojannovic, Lozanovski Zore and Lozanovski Zlatan were duly appointed as Chancellor, Secretary General, Marshal and Deputy Marshal respectively of the newly consecrated Grand Priory of Montenegro.

The ceremony although promising to be quite difficult due to the need of various languages, including English, Serbian, Hungarian and others, proved to be an immense delight and the camaraderie was afterwards continued in the stupendous investiture luncheon organised for the occasion. The Grand Prior Elect also gave a momento of the occasion to the Grand Chancellor of the Order so that the consecration of this new Grand Priory would be noted within the offices of the Grand Chancery of the Order itself.



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