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Indigenous Priory of the US against the Dakota Access Pipeline (November 2016)

The United States Government did not honor the Fort Laramie Treaty and Energy Transfer Partners is building the Dakota Access Pipeline on The Great Sioux Nation's sacred and ceremonial lands and burial grounds, as defined in this Treaty. Vast amounts of Sacred Sites and Burial Grounds were thus desecrated. Unfortunately, on September 2nd, 2016, DAPL Employees re-routed their equipment 20 miles just to bulldoze through these designated sites.

There are over 500 Nations that have come together to Stand in Solidarity against DAPL (Dakota Access Pipeline.) The Water Protectors have been met with a militarized police force comprised of Officers from numerous States, Private Contractors, DAPL Employees and the United States Military (National Guard.)

The Water Protectors have been involved in non-violent direct action, standing prayerfully and peacefully against this heavily militarized force that has been brutalizing the Water Protectors with extreme force and aggression. Unarmed, non-combatants, comprised of Women, Children, Elders and Men have suffered and are continuing to suffer grievous assaults against their Person and Property by this Illegal and unconstitutional force. Water Protectors suffered mass hypothermia on November 20th as it was only approximately 27 degrees outside and the militarized force deployed Water Cannons on them! A concussion grenade was deployed against an unarmed woman and it literally almost blew her arm off. She has undergone major surgery and they are still unsure if she will lose her arm. Another woman had her retina detached, as she was struck in the face by a concussion grenade. Almost everyone on the front lines has been shot with rubber and plastic bullets, been beaten with batons, maced and pepper sprayed, arrested, etc.
Severe injuries and harm are being inflicted upon American citizens, Sovereign First Nations People's and their allies/supporters. Numerous International Laws have been violated by the militarized force including Crimes against Humanity, Crimes against Peace, Crimes against Indigenous First Nation's - let alone all of the U.S. Laws and Humans and Civil Rights that are being broken and violated daily. There has been almost a complete Media blackout.

The Indigenous Grand Priory officers and members were deployed to Standing Rock in Official Capacity, as Ambassadors of The Order. The officers also carried the banners of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem and the banner of the US Indigenous Priory.

The Prior of the Indigenous Priory, confrere Jason Rios, along with two other Commanders of Commanderies of the Order and four Officers of the Order, together with a number of volunteer Hospitallers were out on the Front Lines providing Medical Attention, Support and other needed services.

The Officers of the Order brought Medical Supplies, Camp Supplies, Relief and Aid into a heavily militarized conflict zone.

Water IS life. It sustains All life, not just human life. We have viable alternatives to Fossil fuels. They have just been suppressed for far too long. DAPL threatens the Largest aquifer in the US, which supplies water to 18+ Million people, let alone all of the wildlife it sustains. This pipeline is Illegal and unconstitutional.



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