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Hungary: The Baratsag Medieval Re-Enactment Association joins the Order (June 2015)














During the 2015 Investiture of the Grand Priory of Hungary, the Baratsag Medieval Re-Enactment Association, led by its Chairman, Confrere Janos Lebedy, took the vows as postulants of the Order and joined, as a whole Association, in promoting the chivalric morals and mores which have been handed down to us from our medieval forefathers.

The Baratsag Medieval Re-Enactment Association is composed of volunteers, all orphans, who will also be an integral part of the initiative in Baratsag Park to create, together with the Order's members and volunteers, a hub for the vulnerable for the region.

The officers and members of the Order were invited to a demonstration by the Re-Enactment group on the 13th of June. The Grand Chancellor of the Order donated a book on the history of the Order to all the members of the Association and augured them on their most essential voluntary services for the betterment of the region.



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