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Grand Priory of Hungary - Media Interest in Lazarite Project for the Visually Impaired (June 2015)


In April of this year, the Grand Priory of Hungary of the Order signed an alliance agreement with the Hungarian National Association for the Blind and the Partially Impaired. This very active national NGO, chaired by our member Consoeur Renata Mellar, has been at the forefront of a number of initiatives and legislations ensuring that its 1,200 members within Hungary are legally and socially properly provided for by the authorities in question.

The Order's alliance with this National Association immediately meant the initializing of a national project by which the Saint Lazarus Foundation donates a number of tools which are much needed by the members of the said association. This alliance prompted a lot of interest from the Hungarian media, including national newspaper and the regional TV news.

On behalf of the Supreme Grand Priory, we congratulate the hard working Hungarian Grand Priory on yet another milestone in their Hospitaller work.


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