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Grand Registrar Addresses World Peace Conference in Ontario (January 2016)


The mission of the Rotary World Peace Conference 2016 is to bring together experts with solutions to major issues that are occurring in our personal lives, homes, schools, businesses and communities, not just in Southern California, but around the world. Leaders from health care, academia, government, public safety, religions, business, and communities met together to share the solutions presented by experts. The format allows for action plans to be developed such that real and measureable actions can be undertaken when attendees return home.

This two day conference was organised by Rotary International together with the United Nations Association, the University of San Diego, Loma Linda University and the US Dept. of Commerce, amongst others.

USA Grand Priory Chancellor, the Chevalier Christopher Chambers was one of the keynote speakers at the Rotary World Peace Conference on the 16th of January at the Ontario Convention Center, Ontario California. Chambers, who last year was also appointed as Grand Registrar of the Supreme Grand Priory of the Order, managed to deliver a widely acclaimed discussion on the need of emulating chivalric and Hospitaller mores and customs which have been handed down over the centuries in order to mediate, oversee and execute peaceful solutions to present day world problems.



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