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Grand Priory of the United States - United Nations Global Survey (December 2013)


The Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem sanctioned a high delegation from its US Grand Priory in order to be well represented at an international seminar titled 'My World. The United Nations Global Survey for a Better World' on Saturday December 7, 2013.

This initiative was sponsored and organised by The United Nations Association, with which the Order has solid and very sound alliance agreements.

The delegation included the Chancellor of the Grand Priory of the US, the Chevalier Christopher Chambers, the Secretary General of the US Grand Priory, Dame Karen Cantrell, the Prior of the Indigenous People, Pastor James Flaming Eagle Mooney and his Lady wife Officer Linda Mooney, Officer Andranik Ando Yesayan and Confrere Ike Khamisani.

The delegation was able to meet and have discussions with Stephen P. O'Dowd from The U.S. State Department - Director of Human Security along with numerous United Nations members, Professors, and executives present for the event. An extensive outline of the work of our Order was duly delivered.



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