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Grand Priory of the US - USD 1,000 Donation (February 2014)

The United States Grand Priory of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem is pleased to announce that we have made a $1000.00 dollar donation to the Emily Shane Pass it Forward Foundation.

The Emily Shane Foundation is dedicated to promoting the ideals of Emily Rose Shane, who was kind to all, compassionate, empathic and eager to help anyone. The Emily Shane Foundation's SEA (Successful Educational Achievement) Program provides one on one mentoring twice a week to struggling middle school students, focusing on those with learning/processing issues. The Program targets those who could not otherwise afford this type of support and risk "falling through the cracks". Middle school is a key time in a child's life, where poor academic performance can lead to low self esteem and be the cause of drug use, skipping class, getting in with the wrong crowd, etc. We hope to act as a safety net, providing individualized help in all areas to enhance performance. This includes not only help with homework, test preparation and assignments, but effectively teaching organizational skills. The mentors provide the student with tools and strategies to best overcome their particular challenges. They are like personal coaches and cheerleaders; someone the student can rely on to be there for them to help them achieve their best academic potential.

The only "cost" to the student is to participate in our Foundation's "PASS IT FORWARD" campaign. For every mentoring session, the student must perform any good deed or act of kindness and enter it on our website. We want to encourage a mindset of "giving back" and compassion for others. It is our youth that are the future; we hope our program will set them on the right path for future success both academically and as meaningful members of society.

Thirteen-year-old Emily Rose Shane was killed by a suicidal driver on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu on April 3rd, 2010. This sudden and tragic loss compelled her family to create The Emily Shane Foundation as a way to honor her. Emily had a kind and giving nature; the Foundation's mission is to keep her spirit alive by helping others.

Emily Shane's parents are both members of our Order and are the recipients of the Companionate of Merit of the Order of Saint Lazarus. Emily's father, Michel Shane, is a film producer and co-founder of Hand Picked Films. He is best known for receiving an executive producer credit on Catch Me If You Can and I, Robot along with his business partner Anthony Romano.



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