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Grand Priory of the US - Scholarship to Students in Need (May 2013)


Karen Cantrell's photo.
Karen Cantrell's photo.

As part of its commitment to create change in its community and also in aiding and assisting needy students by means of scholarships to further their studies, the Grand Priory of the United States embarked on a number of scholarship initiatives in order to assist needy students by means of a financial grant.

Both of the students pictured above received $2500.00 each for college. They maintained a 4.0 grade point ratio for 4 years and performed wonderful community service work during school. It was a great pleasure to present the scholarships to them. The criteria related to community work undertaken by the lucky students was indeed an essential factor when weighing the interview process of eligibility.

The Scholarship Ceremony was conducted at the Palm Springs Art Museum and the Secretary General of the US Grand Priory, Dame Karen Cantrell, handed out the documents to the chosen alumni.



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