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Grand Priory of Uganda - Donations for the April Philips Hospital (November 2015)

The Order of Saint Lazarus authorized Confrere Ralph Jarrels in representing HOSLJ at the presentation of a financial donation and the official unveiling of a commemorative plaque at the April Phillips Hospital in Lugazi, Uganda.

The hospital represents health care and the source of emergency surgery to a major area in Uganda currently underserved. In keeping with the founding principles of the Hospitaller Order, The United States Grand Priory of HOSLJ has made a donation to the hospital for the purchase of vital surgical equipment. The Hospital was named for April Phillips, the wife of an Ugandan pastor who was diagnosed with cancer. That was 14 years ago. In those years tumors have grown throughout her body. By all accounts from the doctors, she should have been dead 10 or more years ago. She continues to be active and very much alive.

To honour and emulate her spirit, a commemorative plaque will be hanging in the lobby of the of the hospital to remind everyone who enters that the Order of Saint Lazarus is committed to the life-giving efforts of The April Phillips Hospital. The commemorative plaque was received and unveiled by the Hospital Administrator, Moses Kaweesa.

A further delegation will be travelling to Uganda later this month, this time for a donation of medical equipment for the same hospital.


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