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Grand Priory of Serbia Investiture: April 2019

The Grand Priory of Serbia is one of the most active jurisdictions of the Order within the Balkans. Its Hospitaller initiatives mostly are based in providing Hospitaller and health care to the needy and also to aid and assist the numerous Serbian communities spread all over Europe and other countries and regions.

To this end, in April, a number of Serbian postulants were admitted into the Order during a solemn investiture officiated by three Grand Officers of the Supreme Grand Priory. Their contribution within the Grand Priory of Serbia is specifically related to the role of serving the Serbian diaspora within Europe. The admittance of the Serbian postulants was coordinated by Confrere Nebojsa Petkovic, who is responsible for the development of close ties and harmony between the various Serbian communities. The postulants included Petkovic Vesna, Stosic Stefan, Niksic Vladimir, Stankovic Branislav, Komlenic Nebojsa and Marjanovic Srdjan.



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