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Grand Priory of Pakistan - Alliance with Hope Development Foundation (Nov 2013)

Dame Shabnam Nazli DLJ - Grand Prioress of Pakistan

The Grand Priory of Pakistan has partnered with Hope Development Organization, a women-run NGO struggling for Human Rights in Pakistan.  It was founded in 1997 by a Feminist group and equal human rights believers as a result of the horrible crimes against women occurring in the country.  Their mission is to educate children in the ways of peace and empowering our women as equal citizens.

Working together with Hope Development Organization, we can transform disadvantaged women and girls through sustainable development, with emphasis on physical, social and economic help through medicine, encouragement, human rights awareness and skill training.

Current projects include Vocational Training and Women's Advocacy Training. This strategic alliance was made possible by the direct intervention of Humanity Healing International, a 501c3 registered charitable organisation who has been working very closely with the Order of Saint Lazarus in the past three years.

The Supreme Grand Priory, in order to furthermore underline the need for woman empowerment worldwide, unanimously accepted the nomination of Dame Shabnam Nazli to be the first female Grand Prior of the Grand Priory of Pakistan.



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