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Grand Priory of Malta - Organizing Food and Pottery Skills and other Training for our Angels with Special Needs of the Saint Lazarus Foundation (September 2013)


The Saint Lazarus Cooperative Foundation has embarked on a number of Training Skills for its 25 angels with special needs in its Hamrun quarters, which is also being presently re-furbished so as to be ready for its inaugural opening in October of this year.

Most of these courses, overseen by the Foundation's volunteer directors Dorianne Pawney and Kenneth Cremona Caruana, are addressed to meet the integration needs of the residents and include a number of skills, including:

Literacy and Numeracy Skills
Food Skills
First Aid Skills
Pottery Skills
Craftwork Skills

The participation and support from the parents of the residents in these initiatives was also very commendable and was instrumental in ensuring the success of these courses.



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