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Grand Priory of Malta - Fundraising Dinner for the Special Rescue Group (October 2013)


The Hospitallier Order of Saint Lazzarus invites you to it's Official Fundraising Dinner being held at the Cavett Place Premium Quality Bar & Grill in Hal-Farrug in Aid of St. Lazzarus Rescue Corps. Please LIKE & SHARE.... Join Us for a good cause!!

On the 26th of October 2013, a fund raising dinner and dance was organised by the Grand Priory of Malta which included Malta's leading singers in a very much sought-after nightclub on the island. The event, coordinated by Chevalier Johann Debono, was an astounding success and Euros 1,500 were collected and will be used in order to purchase another ambulance for the Special Rescue Group of the Saint Lazarus Corps.

Apart from very good food, the event was also instrumental in introducing the Order to the younger generation who flocked to see their favorite singers and deejays during the event.

Special thanks needs to be meted out to Chevalier Johann Debono for his initiative in coordinating this event.




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