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Grand Priory of Malta - Founding Members of the Malta Association of Supported Employment (February 2014)

After months of intensive meetings with various other nationally accredited non-governmental associations and nationsl institutions, the Grand Priory of Malta, by means of its Saint Lazarus Foundation, is pleased to announce that it was indeed a founding member of the Malta Association of Supported Employment which is open to all accredited NGOs operating on behalf of persons with special needs and also to all the related national institutions.

The Saint Lazarus Foundation was represented by its Chairman, Massimo Ellul and his substitute for this task, Dr. Renald Blundell. Ellul was also one of the officials from the various NGOs which was accepted into the steering committee charged with finalising the statute of the Association and the logistics of the General Meeting which will see the official founding of the Association.

The Malta Association of Supported Employment will, in the coming weeks, become a full member of the European Association of Supported Employment.

The European Union of Supported Employment (EUSE) was established in 1993 to facilitate the development of Supported Employment throughout Europe. Supported Employment assists people with significant disabilities (physical, intellectual, psychiatric, sensory and hidden) to access real employment opportunities, of their own choice, in an integrated setting with appropriate ongoing support to become economically and socially active in their own communities.

EUSE works to achieve this through the promotion of the Supported Employment model, the exchange of information and knowledge on good practice in Supported Employment and the development of model services. EUSE provides a platform for networking with other organisations andassociations at European and worldwide level. EUSE is a non-Government organisation and is a member of the European Disability Forum (EDF).



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