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Grand Priory of Hungary Investiture: April 2019


During the April 2019 investiture of the Grand Priories of Malta and Gozo, a sizeable deputation from the Grand Priory of Hungary was also in attendance, led by the aide de camp of the Office of the Grand Chancellor, the Chevalier Stefan Andras.

During the investiture, a number of postulants were admitted to the Order. The Grand Priory of Hungary of the Order has a long tradition of Hospitaller initiatives and the constant inputting of dedicated new members is indeed a positive sign and augurs well for this Grand Priory.

The investiture also saw the Mayor of Kunszentmiklos, Lesi Arpad, join the Order, this increasing the number of active Hungarian mayors who are also active within the Grand Priory of Hungary. The city of Kunszentmiklos is the center of the Kunszentmiklós district in Bacs-Kiskun county. The settlement is located in the northwestern part of Kiskunsag, 60 km south of Budapest. The city can be reached from the main road 51 from Kiskunlachaza via Apaji or at Tass , deviating from the main road 5 at Orkeny, from the main road 52 at the shortest via Szabadszallas. The joint railway station with the village of Tass is the terminus of the suburban trains of the Budapest - Kunszentmiklos-Tass - Kelebia railway line, it used to be a significant traffic junction and a branching station. Bosztor train station is located south of the city.




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