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Grand Priory of Hungary - Assisting a Special Boy with a Special Need (December 2013)

The Hungarian Grand Priory has chosen this year a young boy who's in need and cries out for our help and support. He had been diagnosed with a unique disease (there's just one more person who has the same sickness in the world). His family couldn't get charitable support in Hungary (for a reason most of them just turned their back to them...).

His name is Ricsi and he was born in 2002. When he was a year and a half, doctors found a tumour in his liver, than 3 month later it spread to his lungs. In 2006, Ricsi underwent bone marrow transplantation, than in 2009 lung transplantation.

He would need a special set of spectacles to be able to see properly and his teeth also needed to be repaired and treated.

Luckily 81% of the required amount had been collected in Hungary and right now the Hungarian Grand Priory would like to ask your global Lazarite support for helping us to collect the missing amount of 851 USD/ 625 EUR/ 520 GBP together. (Editor's note) Subsequently, the call for assistance was totally underwritten. These Hospitaller initiatives within the Grand Priory of Hungary further underline the philanthropic heart of our very active members within this jurisdiction.



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