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Grand Priory of Hungary - Assistance to the Holy Crown Elementary School (June 2013)

The Hungarian Grand Priory of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem organised donations to a Kindergarten located in the capital, Budapest that accommodates 40 homeless children. These children live in poverty and in most cases in a socially dysfunctional environment.

Every day when they go to the kindergarten they are given all the necessary sanitary treatment and start the day with a rich breakfast. On a daily basis they get meals 5 times a day. As the Director of the Institution stated these kids do not just need food but they also need clothes and shoes.

Chev. Dr. Lajos Vigh, the Grand Prior of Hungary had the honour to distribute our donations consisting of 40 pairs of brand new shoes for the little ones. Again, albeit a minor donation, this Hospitaller act is a mere one of many which the Hungarian Grand Priory is constantly working on.



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