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Grand Priory of Hungary - Assistance to the Fot's Children's Centre (June 2013)

Another successful donation has been organised by the Grand Priory of Hungary. This time a Children's Centre in Fot received the attention of the Grand Priory and benefitted from an extensive number of brand new clothing items which were very much appreciated by the directors of the Children's Centre of Fot.

Fot is about 17 km (10.56 mi) north of the edge of Budapest. The North Hungarian foothills lie to the west. The nearest settlement to the west is Dunakeszi, to the northeast are Csomad and Veresegyhaz, to the east is Mogyorod and Budapest is to the south. The highest point of nearby Somlyo Hill reaches 287 m above sea-level.

During the visit, the Grand Prior Chev. Dr. Lajos Vigh and the Aide de Camp to the Grand Chancellor, Chev. Stefan Andras, had the chance to look at the life of the Centre and its various services. The Centre was established in 1957 to support orphans and help them to blend into society.



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