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Grand Priory of Hungary - Initiatives for the Disabled and the Blind (June 2016)

The Grand Priory of Hungary has been, for these past two years, very busy organising a number of hands-on initiatives for the disabled and the blind especially in the region of Szekesfehervar.

The city of Szekesfehervar is located in central Hungary, and is one of the largest cities in the country. Szekesfehervar was the capital of Hungary in the Middle Ages. Now the city is the regional capital of Central Transdanubia, the centre of Fejer county and the Szekesfehervar District. It was one of the most important cities of Hungary. In the Szekesfehervar Basilica (one of the largest basilicas in medieval-Europe), where the Diets were held and the crown jewels kept, thirty-seven kings and thirty-nine queens consort were crowned and fifteen rulers are buried.

These initiatives have been supervised by one of the active officers of the Order in Hungary, namely Consoeur Renata Mellar. Renata is also the President of the Hungarian National Federation of the Blind and runs a private school in the same city.

In June of this year, after the investiture of the Grand Priory of Hungary, a lunch was organised for all the helpers of the Lazarite initiatives in the region. The lunch was also attended by the Grand Prior of Hungary, the Chevalier Lajos Vigh and by the Grand Chancellor of the Order and his Aide de Camp. The Grand Chancellor had the opportunity to thank the members and volunteers of the region. At the end of the event, the Grand Chancellor was presented with an original modern portrait of himself which was painted by one of Hungary's leading modern artists, himself a volunteer in the initiatives in the region.

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