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Grand Priory of Gozo - Assisting our Angels with Special Needs of the Saint Lazarus Foundation (September 2013)


In September 2013, immediately after the Saint Lazarus Cooperative Foundation switched its allegiance from the Military Lazarite organisation in Malta to the United Grand Priories of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, a number of social fund raising events were executed so as to ensure that our 25 angels with special needs are given the necessary skills courses in the coming months.

One of these fun events was a day trip to Comino, a little idyllic island in the midst of the Maltese archipelago, where our special angels were treated to a full day of fun, games, swimming, bar-b-ques and other informal initiatives. We are very pleased to note the full involvement of the Commandery of Gozo of another Military Lazarite organisation who were present for this event and also financially contributed to the Foundation by means of an individual donation to each and every member of the Foundation with special needs.



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