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Grand Priory of China Consecration and Investiture (October 2017)

After months of preparatory groundwork for the establishment of the new Grand Priory of China spearheaded by the Supreme Grand Priory, our international Lazarite confraternity saw the consecration of the Grand Priory of China of the Order in October 2017.

This singular event was highlighted with the appointment of the Chevalier Shanchun Huang as the first Grand Prior, Dame Wanhua Li as the first Chancellor and the Chevalier Xiaochen Zhao as the first Secretary General of the Grand Priory of China.

During the investiture, the Grand Prior Elect informed the Grand Officers of the final steps of the establishment of the Saint Lazarus Foundation of China and their commitment to Hospitaller and philanthropic work in the region in question. This development within the Order was immediately picked up enthusiastically by the Chinese press as depicted hereunder.

We congratulate our Chinese officers and members for their work.

The Chinese Press immediately picked up on this historic occasion, as can be seen in the following links:


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