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Grand Priory of Brazil Provides more Donations to Residences (July 2015)


The Grand Priory of Brazil, on the 21st of July, carried out another donation initiative in Belo Horizonte by means of a visit to the Leuceminas.

The organisation of Leucemicos in the state of Minas Gerais, better known as Leuceminas, is a non-profit organization that supports children, young people and adults who are suffering from leukemia.

Founded in 1990, the Leuceminas works like a house of support for those who reside in other cities but need accommodations in Belo Horizonte during one's treatment, given, currently, to around 400 patients. The organisation also offers hands-on assistance, both in the Leuceminas themselves or at the hospital where the treatment is being held.

The donation comprised of the following items:
- 1 Microwave Oven;
- 4 Boxes of milk;
- 540 pieces of clothing;





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