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Grand Priory of Brazil Launches its Juridical Order of Merit (December 2013)

On December 17 2013, the international day dedicated to St. Lazarus, the Grand Priory of Brazil of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem launched its own awards program for the jurisdiction of Brazil as per decree of the Supreme Grand Priory.

There are three awards under the Brazilian Grand Priory jurisdiction and these can be meted out to members and non-members alike for services rendered as per the resolution of the Grand Priory: The Cross of Merit, the Cross of Lazarite Honor and the Humanitarian Cross. All recipients will be granted the acknowledgement of Lazarites directly by the Council of our Organization in Brazil.

The making of these awards was made possible through the generosity of some of the members of the Brazilian Grand Priory, who received the receipt from the Council as Patrons of the Lazarites Commendation Board of Brazil. The highest number of these distinctions which can be given is statutorily limited to ten, but only 6 members complied with their voluntary commitments and made this project possible. They are: Adilio Jorge Marques, Carlos Venttura, Luis Flavio Andretti, Luiz Paulo de Andrade, Mara Viviane Ivanicska, Roberto Ortiz.



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