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Grand Priory of Brazil Investiture: March 2015

On March 7, 2015 the Grand Priory of Brazil held its Annual Solemn Ceremony of Chivalric Investiture, Promotions and Awards. This ceremony took place in the church of St. Augustine in Sao Paulo. The Supreme Grand Priory of the Order sanctioned the Grand Prior of Brazil, the Chevalier Roberto Ortiz, to be the investing officer for this occasion.

We had the honor and the pleasure to have the Band of the City Guards of Sao Paulo to assure the musical part of the ceremony and we received several delegations from various associations and organizations who share our humanitarian, charitable, philanthropic, egalitarian and humanistic ideals.

The Honorable ranks of the Grand Priory of Brazil of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem received new members and recognized not only the actions of its members through promotions and decorations, but also honored and awarded some of the more than 1,800 worthy volunteers that aid and assist the Grand Priory of Brazil and its related Lazarite structures throughout this jurisdiction.

Congratulations to all the officers and members involved in another successful investiture in Brazil and a big thank you goes to everyone who showed up and gave us solidarity and harmony to share these beautiful moments with the Grand Priory of Brazil.

The Supreme Grand Priory would also like to congratulate this Grand Priory for its constant Hospitaller initiatives, even though funds are limited in this particular jurisdiction.


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