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Grand Priory of Brazil Investiture: February 2019


On February 23, 2019, the solemn annual investiture, promotion and award ceremony of the Grand Priory of Brazil, locally referred to as Uniao Sao Lazaro Brasil took place. This ceremony took place in the parish of Nossa Senhora Achiropita, Sao Paulo.

The investiture was graced with the lovely voices of the church Choir and the members and officers of the Grand Priory were honoured to receive a large delegation from the Municipal Civil Guard of Sao Paulo and to have the presence of delegations from various associations and organizations that share the same philanthropic, humanitarian, charitable, egalitarian and humanistic ideals as those of the Grand Priory.

A number of members and postulants received promotions and decorations, and some of the congregation was also honored and recognised as representing the spirit of the thousands of Lazarite volunteers throughout Brazil.

In a ceremony full of remarkable and important moments, in which relevant projects and a record of the previous year’s actions were announced, the Sao Paulo Metropolitan Civil Guard Command were also given their appropriate accolade in commemoration of the synergy in which both organisations have been working together.

This year's ceremony also served as a method of food collection and we were very happy to announce that almost 500 kg of food was received and donated to the social works of the Parish of Nossa Senhora de Achiropita.

It is moments like these, when we open our hearts and our doors to everyone, and in which the devotion and humility of each one of those involved in this project is evident, that we effectively put our true Christian values ​​in evidence and that we set aside any and all meanness linked to personal titles or disputes over power and ego. Congratulations to everyone involved and a big thanks to everyone who has moved and who gave us the happiness of sharing with us these remarkable moments.



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