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Grand Priory of Brazil - Assisting the Needy of Araruama (September 2013)

The Grand Priory of Brazil, coordinating also with the Lakes region Grouping of the Union - CSLI, undertook another initiative aimed at collecting food, medicine and geriatric and hygienic material. This material was forwarded to an asylum of the city of Araruama and greatly helped the elderly of this institution.

Apart from the extensive material already gathered, there will soon be added two more wheelchairs and an extra bed.

It is primarily for this reason, that is, the constant need of aiding and assisting in this particular jurisdiction, that the Grand Priory of Brazil is recognized by the United Grand Priories as a Grand Priory in Distress, since its primary aims and initiatives are targeted by means of various outreach programmes to the impoverished echelons of Brazilian society.




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