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Gozo Grand Priory continues aiding the Emergency Response and Rescue Corps (October 2016)

The Emergency Response and Rescue Corps (E.R.R.C.) is a voluntary, charitable and not for profit organisation based in Gozo, Malta. Is was created with the aim of preventing and alleviating human suffering, improving the situation of the most vulnerable people with absolute impartiality and without any discrimination as to gender, nationality, religion, race, class, religious or political beliefs. Its purpose is to protect and preserve human life and to ensure respect for the human being. Providing assistance to government established departments (as per statute) and entities is one of the functions that the organisation performs. Furthermore, E.R.R.C. offers water rescue service at popular beaches around Gozo and Comino during the summer months, ambulance services and first aid posts during public events. E.R.R.C. has also a youth section know as the CADETS. E.R.R.C. is a volunteer-led humanitarian organisation that helps people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are.

In April of this year, the ERRC joined en masse as members of the Grand Priory of Gozo, with the Chevalier Etienne Micallef, the Head of the ERRC, being also appointed as the Commander of the Grand Priory of Gozo. With this harmonious transition, the Order has pledged its on-going support for ERRC and aids it by means of various initiatives so as to ensure its growth and well-being.

Our training, our EMTS, rescue personnel and our lifeguards are accredited by several international organisations. Namely our training is endorsed by:

The Association of First aiders UK
International Scuba Diving Academy
Highfield Awarding Body of Compliance
NAEMT (National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians)
PHTLS International (Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support)
European Association of Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics
The E.R.R.C. is also a member of:
International Association of Safety and Survival Training
International Maritime Rescue Federation
International Society for Fall Protection
DAN Divers Alert Network
Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management

The vision of the E.R.R.C. is to be an effective, high profile, and dynamic humanitarian organisation, that is sensitive to the human needs of the most vulnerable communities. With this aim in mind, the Saint Lazarus Foundation donated yet another financial grant to the ERRC for the administrative needs that the latter has.



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