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Government and NGOs seminar at the Order's Headquarters with the Saint Lazarus Foundation used as a successful role model when working with vulnerable communities (March 2015)


In March 2015, various NGOs registered with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations, together with officials from the Ministry of the Family and Social Welfare, organised a one-day seminar at the Grand Chancery of the Order so as to evaluate and to record the huge progress made with regards to voluntary work in the sector identified and referred to as vulnerable communities within society.

The operations in this sphere of the Saint Lazarus Foundation, especially by means of its Believe in Me Program, which is slowly reaching the end of its third year intake (the intake for its fourth year of operations will start in July 2015) were universally commended and are now being used as a blueprint for further success stories in this field of Hospitaller work. Parents and beneficiaries of the several skill building programs being presently undertaken as part of the EU funded LEAP Program shared their experiences to a fully packed conference hall, aided by audio visual presentations during this event. The Grand Chancellor of the Order and Chairman of the Saint Lazarus Foundation delivered his speech during the event and thanked all the volunteers and professionals who have made such a project within the vulnerable communities such a success.

Whilst the 2014-2015 Believe in Me Project focused on beneficiaries with disabilities, the new intake of the 2015-2016 Believe in Me Project of the Saint Lazarus Foundation will now also be opened to other vulnerable members of the community, including ex drug and alcohol abusers, victims of domestic violence, ex correctional facility inmates and other vulnerable groups within the community.

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