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Germany: Union Corps San Lazare International in Flood Relief Assistance (June 2013)

In times of trouble.... everybody should be aware of why people like us wear a uniform, and the significance of the ideas behind it!

No one could foresee it, no one expected it, and yet it has happened again: flooding in Germany. A great tragedy which has hit so many people so hard, losing their homes and their belongings and now deprived of their basic livelihood.

Despite the suffering, one thing again proved to be true. When it matters, Germany comes together! The aid that many people gave is an important sign, showing our human strength and sustainability. Thousands of people made themselves available without asking, and their help made those affected feel that they were not alone in times of need.

This was a great and powerful gesture, which also exemplifies the ideals of our organization. It is for these reasons that we have joined together and wear a uniform. Help can be a simple thing, even with small expenditure and few means! Ultimately this is our purpose and goal.

In response to the flood situation this year the CSLI group formation SOF, under the direction of Major CSLI Bernd Hohle (CSLI Commander of Lower Saxony), was active in providing aid. At locations in Grimma and Wittenberg sandbags were filled, buildings secured and cleanup operations performed.



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