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Fondazzjoni Wens Continues Receiving Aid from the St. Lazarus Foundation (October 2016)

The Saint Lazarus Foundation has been, for more than six years now, operating a specialized inclusion program for the residents of Fondazzjoni Wens in Kalkara, Malta. This program has, as its primary target, the holistic social inclusion of the residents of the latter foundation; residents who have physical and mental disabilities.

Apart from this program, which is run by volunteers from the St. Lazarus Foundation, the Order also gives out periodic donations in order to aid and assist the growth of the Foundation, especially with regards to the building of more residences for the disabled and the upgrading and upkeep of existing premises.

In October, the Saint Lazarus Foundation presented to the Executive Director of Fondazzjoni Wens, Confrere Ronald Galea OLJ, another financial donation for just such a project, in the presence of the residents of Fondazzjoni Wens, who were treated to an evening out by our Foundation as well. Congratulations to Fomdazzjoni Wens for their constant care and work for the disabled in Malta.



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