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Esquire Man of the Year - Confrere Chaker Khazaal (November 2015)

The Order's very own Commander of Merit of our Companionate of Merit, Confrere Chaker Khazaal has been honoured by the internationally famous Esquire magazine announcing him to be Man of the Year 2015.

Chaker received his Esquire Award 2015 then traveled to various conflict zones for 6 months whilst reporting in extreme conditions for HuffPost. Chaker's unique collection of videos from war torn hotspots, named Love Under Bullets: monthly videos and articles on love stories happening in conflict and war areas, have indeed heightened his worldwide standing as a first rate journalist and author.

Follow his travels via HuffPost, Twitter/Instagram @ChakerKhazaal & on his official Facebook page: are so very proud of him! Hearty Congratulations!


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