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End of Year Message by Inclusion International President (December 2017)

As proud members of Inclusion International, we are conveying in its entirety the end of year 2017 message of the President of Inclusion International. We also pray that the New Year 2018 brings more inclusivity throughout the four corners of the world in favour of the disadvantaged everywhere:

"As 2017 draws to an end, I reflect back on the many accomplishments of our global network. Even though people with intellectual disabilities and their families continue to face higher rates of poverty, lower rates of employment and exclusion in their communities, I draw strength from the resilience of our global network and our unwavering determination for inclusion. We are driving innovation and making change around the world.

We look to 2018 with pride and renewed energy when we will come together in Birmingham, UK, for our World Congress, 'Learn, Inspire, Lead'. This exciting event will showcase the best of our global network and our partners and allies. We will come together in solidarity and to share the lessons we've learned about leading for inclusion and participation. We will come together because we are louder as one. And, as one, we cannot be ignored.

Join us in Birmingham! Contribute to building inclusion and full participation of persons with intellectual disabilities and their families around the world and bring home the skills, knowledge and practical examples you need to make a difference in your community."

See you in 2018.

Klaus Lachwitz


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