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Ecuador - A Very busy Year for the Grand Priory of Ecuador (December 2015)


Throughout the year 2015, even though the country of Ecuador was rocked with political instability, the newly formed Grand Priory of Ecuador, under the active leadership of the Chev. Carlos Jaramillo Ponce KLJ, was indeed very active by means of various Hospitaller initiatives throughout the country. Primarily operating in areas which are remote and non-urban, the Ecuadorian Grand Priory have also established Hospitaller work in many cities of Ecuador.

Our Ibarra post, led by Confrere Mauricio Jaramillo, has continued giving support to the elderly, attending to the needs of more than a hundred elderly people in regular screenings.

Consoeurs Dr Jenny Ramirez and Dr Dora Aguilar along with Confrere Patricio Gualotuna have now successfully started their mission along the southern part of Ecuador, in Cuenca and Zig Zig in the Azuay province. They are working with minority groups such as poor children and the aged.

They have also done a hugely successful operation near the coast of Ecuador in Quevedo, carrying out a number of health screenings in synergy with other NGOs. Using acupuncture, massage, moxibustion and other cost effective therapies they have succeeded in providing aid to the suffering in remote areas which do not have much of basic health services.

Considering the fact that this is the first full year of operations of this Grand Priory, it has indeed been a very successful one and augurs well for our Lazarite Hospitaller work in this country.

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