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Dr.Thiel Metabolic Thyro Free Program for Down Syndrome Beneficiaries (September 2015)

There is no standard medical treatment for Down syndrome (trisomy 21). However orthomolecular therapy has been used to a limited degree for this population since Turkel pioneered it in 1940. In the 1980s, Warner modified Turkel's approach and continues to innovate. Others, such as Lawrence, Leichtman, and Thiel, have built on the foundation laid by Turkel and Warner.

Patients with Down syndrome have abnormal immune responses that predispose them to serious infections, particularly of the lungs, and to thyroid autoimmunity. The mental retardation is severe...Virtually all patients with trisomy 21 older than 40 years of age develop neuro-pathologic changes characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease, a degenerative disorder of the brain.

While there is no effective medical intervention for trisomy 21, there are treatments for complications such as cardiovascular disorders, hypothyroidism, and infections.

Metabolic Thyro is a 100% Food supplement that is intended to supply nutrients, glandulars, and herbs needed to maintain and support optimal thyroid health. It contains both naturally-iodine containing kelp, plant source l-tyrosine, bovine glandulars, and herbs to support an optimally functioning thyroid.

The Saint Lazarus Foundation, due to Dr. Thiel's active membership within the Order of Saint Lazarus, was in a position to offer a free six month program to Down Syndrome beneficiaries, including the distribution, free of charge, of the necessary dosages according to the scientific needs of each client.

Chev. Kenneth Cremona Caruana, in a meeting with the beneficiaries, explained at length this natural remedy and its benefits and answered all the fielded questions by the beneficiaries and their parents.


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