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Donation by the European Business Assembly to the Saint Lazarus Foundation (May 2014)

The Saint Lazarus Foundation is now in its second year of operations related to its Believe in Me Project operating in Malta. This project is primarily aimed for skill building projects for people with disability to be assimilated in a dignified and proper manner in the job market instead of underutilizing their respective skills and talents.

The project is to date a resounding success and since its humble beginnings last year when its Hamrun premises were officially inaugurated, seventy clients have utilized the Project's services with resounding successes being registered.

During the inauguration of the Project's Hamrun premises, one of the guests at the ceremony was Dame Susheela George, the Order's head of delegation for the United Arab Emirates under the Grand Priory of the International Lazarites. Her philanthropic and Hospitaller zeal in her mission within the UAE are indeed a lesson in humility and drive for all of us and she has consistently set up and assisted similar projects in the UAE in the past. She immediately promised the head of the Believe in Me Project, Confrere Kenneth Cremona CLJ CMLJ, her financial assistance in providing the Project with the necessary funds for an interactive whiteboard and the related software to be used in the Foundation's premises in Haz-Zebbug, Malta.

On Friday the 2nd of May 2014, at a reception for the volunteers of the Saint Lazarus Foundation, the Supreme Grand Prior of the Order, H.E. Richard Comyns of Ludston, officially unveiled the donation of the European Business Assembly on behalf of Dame Susheela George. The Order's relationship with the European Business Assembly, which is based in England, is long and mutually fruitful, with a number of donations in the past for various projects within the various Grand Priories.

The Supreme Grand Prior thanked the officers of the European Business Assembly and especially thanked the benevolence of Dame Susheela George amidst a standing ovation in the packed hall of the Saint Lazarus Foundation. The Supreme Grand Prior also inaugurated the new equipment and unveiled a symbolic remembrance of this initiative.

During the event in question, the Saint Lazarus Foundation also announced its other donations to Hospitaller projects amounting to Euros 18,000.

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