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De Rohan Commandery joins forces with REPAT (Nov 2013)


We would like to share with you a new venture called "REPAT".

The two soldiers brought to Malta with the British High Commissioner

Remembrance Day 2013 - Malta

With top singer Ira Losco

Over the years there have been, and there still are numerous charities that are aimed at helping Wounded Veterans of the British Armed Forces. They all do an amazing job when it comes to helping our young men and women through some tough and painful rehabilitation, whether it be physical or mental, this can be the most challenging mission every soldier has to go through.
The committee of REPAT think it's about time we show just how much we appreciate what these young men and women do for each and every one of us.
Our aim is to bring Wounded Veterans over to Malta for an all paid holiday and get them away from the pain of their daily routines of rehab.

The first 2 Lads arrived on the 5th of November 2013. Cpl Luke Reeson (1st Lancs) and Gdsm Jordan Hall (Coldstream Guards) and stayed 7 days at the San Antonio Hotel & Spa (accommodation provided for free by the San Antonio Hotel & Spa). A number of excursions and activities were planned for them and they visited the Malta Sea Cadets Unit in Kalkara. The Malta Sea Cadets are not Sea Scouts.  They are a charitable organisation that comes under the rules and regulations of the British Ministry Of Defence.

On the 8th of November, a charity dinner was held at the San Antonio Hotel & Spa in Buggiba. This dinner was the main event for the lads themselves and one of our main sources of raising some money for this most noble of charities. A deputation from the De Rohan Commandery of the Grand Priory of Malta was present for the dinner.

During the dinner we raised just under 2000 Euros from the raffle and generous donations. The amount raised will enable us to bring over another 2 lads next year. The special guest for the evening was one of Malta's best known singers, Miss Ira Losco who put on a fantastic performance. A further 200 Euros were donated to the Special Rescue Group - Saint Lazarus Corps to assist them in purchasing their next ambulance.
On Remembrance Day they also took part in the parade laid a wreath at the Cenotaph, Floriana.

Close your eyes.  Imagine the life you are living now and how lucky we are to be able to live without fear. Keep your eyes closed and think about how and why we are able to do so and imagine the brave soldiers that make it possible for us all.


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