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Dame Trish Steel receives Award (November 2013)

The Supreme Grand Priory of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem together with The United States Grand Priory wishes to congratulate Dame Trish Steele DLJ on her award on November 21, 2013.

Dame Trish Steele DLJ has been awarded The Eagle of Peace Award by Reloading Life. Rafi Anteby, the founder of Reloading Life was one of the leading consultants to the US Government and around the world after Sept. 11th on public safety and security.

After learning about the loss of his best childhood friend to a gun shooting, Rafi decided to dedicate his life to promoting peace.

At first he used his art skills and created the well-known jewelry line Bullets 4 Peace, turning old bullet casings into beautiful pendants with a statement of peace.

Now Rafi takes his experience and knowledge to the next level and with the help of his friends and supporters from the entertainment world, he is creating a global Anti Gun Violence Campaign called Reloading Life -



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