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Consecration of the Regia Medievalis Projekt-Lazarus Commandery of Sicily: December 2019

The Grand Priory of Sicily has announced the setting up of its third Commandery within the splendid Mediterranean island. The new Commandery, named as the Regia Medievalis Projekt-Lazarus Commandery has, as its name implies, the furtherance of historical and educational initiatives by means of re-enactment and didactic edutainment.

This is the second Commandery of its kind within the United Grand Priories, the first being the Projekt-Lazarus Commandery of Malta. In fact, the latter’s Commander, the Chevalier Anthony Galea, was essential in aiding and assisting his Sicilian colleagues in the organisation and setup of this new Commandery, including the drafting and the registering of their statute as per the laws of the land.

The new Sicilian Commandery is led by Consoeur Maria Giovanna Romano. We wish her and all her dedicated team all the best and we are sure that the Commandery will reach new successes in the coming weeks and months.



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