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Commandery of Iowa - Assistance after the Bad Weather and Tornado Bouts (May 2013)


Conesville roof is gone from half this house, a few others are lightly damaged.Iowa Commandry of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus's photo.
Two trees uprooted in town

Almost to the week, 5 years ago Iowa was staring down its first serious flood since 1993. During the month of May 2013, the members of the Iowa Commandery spent most of the nights hearing a familiar refrain: Cherokee, New Hartford, Mason City, Charles City, whispers about Davenport. Rains are flooding. Water is rising. The members volunteered in droves to assist in the various sandbagging zones and aided and assisted the other organisations who were also doing their bit to assist in this bad waether calamity. The Commandery of Iowa was especially active in containing the Conesville tornado damage and the necessary cleaning up, with water rising on the Cedar River homes and cabins along the river which were surrounded with water.

We thank our volunteers for their fearless assistance in this hour of need.




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