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Celebration of International Women's Day (March 2014)


Various Grand Priories of the Order, including those of South Africa, Malta, Brazil, Sicily and others, organised a number of events commemorating international woman's day which is celebrated worldwide on the 8th of March. The Order is proud to have within its ranks hundreds of committed Consoeurs and Dames who are very active in the various Hospitaller and philanthropic initiatives that our jurisdictions are involved in on a daily basis. The Grand Chancellery is receiving detailed information of the various events organised on this day. In the meantime, however, this web site would like to bring to the attention of its viewers an initiative which was organised by the Grand Priory of Hungary on this date in particular.

In fact, the delegation of Cruise Hill Minas Gerais, operating under the Grand Prioryof Brazil, held on the 8 of March 2014 a donation of clothes for elderly women at the asylum of St. Vincent de Paul next to the Hospital Caesar milk of Manhattan/MG. Volunteers from the Grand Priory visited the residence and shared their day with the residents of the asylum and coordinated a number of events on site to commemorate this date.

The Grand Priory of Brazil congratulates this action that is within the charitable and humanitarian goals of the Order and underlines the dedication of our members within this unit of the Grand Priory.


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