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Celebrating the 58th Anniversary of the Austrian State Treaty (May 2013)

A remarkable organ concert to mark the 58th Anniversary of the signing of the Austrian State Treaty took place on the 15th of May 2013 in the Rudolfsheim parish church. The concert was held under the patronage of the Grand Priory of Austria and the Lazarus Union Knighthood of Honour.

On the Church's great organ Mrs Lusine Poppel played national anthems of the world from a score specially edited for the organ.

The concert was a landmark in the history of concert performances of the Austrian National Anthem.

As mentioned above, the occasion was the commemoration of the signing of the State Treaty in 1955. Another motive was to provide an event that accorded all the nations of the world the same respect. So the concert aimed to make a small contribution to international understanding.

On the night, the great church at Kardinal Rauscher Platz resounded to the anthems of the signatory States of the Treaty and 12 national anthems from around the world. The national anthems were selected according to artistic merit, not political criteria. The selection was also, to some extent, subjective: the anthems either having a direct connection to the Order of Saint Lazarus, or an indirect connection through individual members of the Lazarus Union.

The CSLI was especially delighted that so many guests were able to accept the invitation - there being three simultaneous Vienna District Festival 2013 events that evening.

The President of the CSLI Knighthood of Honour, Senator hc Wolfgang Steinhardt, acted as presenter for the concert.

Representatives of our allied organizations attended: The Radetzky Order, The Order of St. Michael and the Austria Humanitas Corps.

A special welcome was also given to representatives from the diplomatic corps, especially the Military Attache of the Federal Republic of Germany, Lt. Col Joachim Timmel and his wife and our Chevalier Anton Marku from the Republic of Kosovo as well.

All guests seemed visibly impressed to hear the well-known national anthems played on a church instrument. After the Austrian National Anthem, the singing of the song "I Had a Comrade" was accompanied by the lowering of Banners in salute.



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