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California Commandery reaches out to homeless and vulnerable Children for Easter (March 2015)


The HOSLJ USA Grand Priory walks the walk and keeps its commitments. This is indeed more than evident within the Commandery of California and the latter's commitment to aid and assist needy children, most of which are either homeless, or else have been victims of social conditions which make them part of the most vulnerable within society. For this reason, the California Commandery has been targetting children of this region with a number of Hospitaller initiatives, sponsorships, scholarships and other operations which tangibly aid and assist the children in question.

During this year's Easter holidays, by means of our wonderful, anonymous benefactor, the California Commandery officer, Chevalier Joseph Luna and his son Zander coordinated an Easter party for the children in question and showered them with gifts. The number of children doubled from the original 30 we had anticipated. There was no child left behind !

Check out these fabulous Easter Thank You drawings from the children. It was an Amazing Day. Over 60 children were fed throughout the day and received Easter baskets. Every child dyed eggs and played numerous games. We look forward for the next Easter initiative on these lines.

Enjoy a delightful video by clicking this link.


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