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CSLI Austria First Aid Seminar (August 2013)

On the 25th of August 2013, A Flight Assistants' Seminar on First Aid was organised by the CSLI - Austria. After some introductory words from President Wolfgang Steinhardt, our Doctor took over. Participants learned about injury, disease, poisoning, what constitutes an emergency, diagnosis and emergency response. What immediate life-saving measure should one take?

With many practical examples, and his own experience, Dr. Halat told the participants how to behave and help in rescue operations. In a car, turn off the engine and remove the key before moving the person because of the airbag, then remove the belt and turn the waistband over. To support the theory, learning on a living subject immediately followed. Each attendee took his or her partner and tried to get them into the recovery position.

Next the artificial body, 'Anna', was used as an emergency motionless patient to test the procedures for checking consciousness: sight, hearing, touch, cries for help; then respiratory and circulatory checks before carrying out resuscitation at 30:2. Next the defibrillator was explained and used.

Afterwards the participants were shown the measures to take for heavy bleeding: finger pressure then adding a dressing. Again we practiced on a living subject, the artistic application of blood causing some mirth. Taking care of the arms was no problem, but on the legs, the triangular bandage was too short.

Following a recap, everything covered was checked in a test to see whether what one had learned had stuck (again, not in the documentation). Anyway, all participants managed to pass the exam, a relief for everyone, and certificates were distributed and accepted with pride.


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