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Brazil - Partnering with I Came To Serve Project (May 2015)


During the months of May to July 2015, the Order of Saint Lazarus Brazil-CSLI, through their representation in Penha/SC, will be a strategic partner in the project "I came to Serve". This project seeks to gather much needed clothing, food, personal hygiene material and adult diapers which are to be donated to two local social care institutions.

The institutions which will benefit from the voluntary collection and gathering are the "Elderly Home of Penha/SC" and the "Institute to Support People with Cancer and Degenerative Diseases (INAPEC)". And the children themselves will be performing the delivery of the donations.

Involving children and adolescents in campaigns and projects like this, makes it easier in the future to rely on adults who are fully aware of the difficulties of others and able to discern how they can act in society to help others in need and the vulnerable. Congratulations to the representation for this successful project.



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