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Brazil - Celebrating World Children's Day (October 2015)


The Association called Group of Archangels in Solidarity of Bambui State in Brazil is an integral NGO closely associated with the Order's Brazilian Grand Priory. In partnership with other organisations of the municipality, our Grand Priory and the Archangels held on Saturday 10 October an open and free event for children and residents of the neighborhood Popular in celebration to the World Children's Day.

With the completion of the project 'Happy Child' which was carried out in the streets with many games, bouncy castles, trampolines, Cotton Candy, popcorn, hot dogs, soda and a lot of fun, toys were distributed for all the needy children. For the closure of the event the participants of the organisations came out on the streets of the city through the most needy distributing toys for the children.

More than 200 children and their families have participated in the street of leisure, where they were distributed with more than 800 units of hot dog, 60 liters of soda. In addition, some 600 toys were also distributed.

Congratulations to the archangels and to all who participated in this action that goes in tandem with our values and our goal, to bring comfort to those in need.




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