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Austria - Radetzky Order: Patrons Saint's Day (December 2013)

It's almost become a tradition that a delegation of the LAZARUS UNION of the Union - CSLI participates in the events of the Radetzky Order.

This time it was on the 8th December to celebrate the religious festival of their Patron Saint. A sacred Mass was celebrated by the Order's Dean, Rector Prof. Reinhart Knittel DD, at the Prandtauer Church in St. Polten. At the church service several other friendly organizations were represented.

In his sermon, the Order's Dean pointed to the values of chivalric associations and emphasized that, even though the Radetzky Order is a fine example of a living fellowship preserving Austrian military traditions, this is also a constant challenge to its members.

The non-partisan and non-profit association Radetzky Order (RO) - established on 13 October 2003 - is dedicated to maintaining the traditions exemplified in the person of Field Marshal Radetzky. The Order aims to pass Austrian military traditions to the young, strengthen the awareness of spiritual national defence, foster appreciation of the Field Marshal's final resting place at Heldenberg in Kleinwetzdorf and honour the memory of all soldiers fallen or missing and those who treated their injuries.

The Order has also received recognition as a defence policy-relevant group. The Ministry of National Defence now permits the Order's awards to be worn on the uniforms of the Austrian Army and the Executive.

After the service came a secular ceremony. Obstl. i. R. Dr. Manfred Ruthlein was solemnly invested, Religious Dean Prof. Knittel was made an Honorary Member and a number of promotions were also made.

Grandmaster Harry Tomek had some decorations for comrades from the LAZARUS UNION. The Knight's Cross of the Radetzky Order was awarded to: Secretary Erich Kadlec, Treasurer Wolfgang Leithner, Chairman of the Board Helmut Neidhardt, Deputy Gen. Secretary Christopher Ptak, and the Obmannstv. of our Naval Fellowship Archduke Ferdinand Max, Hannes Hochmuth.

On behalf of our late beloved comrade, Union - CSLI Vice President Reinhard Wassertheurer, his widow Theresa Wassertheurer received the posthumous award.

The day ended with a lunch in the summer refectory of the Bishop's Palace.



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