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Annual Get Together of Members and Officers of the St. Lazarus Foundation - Malta Lazarites donate to date EUR 272,000 (October 2016)

The Grand Priory of Malta organised a reception at the Grand Hotel Excelsior on Friday 14th October for its members and officers. More than one hundred fifty members and officers attended from Malta and Gozo. The Grand Chancellor of the Order spoke at length during an audio-visual presentation on the successes worldwide and the local initiatives of the Maltese Grand Priory during 2016. Donations were given to the ERRC of Gozo and to Fondazzjoni Wens in the event and it was announced that the St. Lazarus Foundation has donated in total the amount of Euros 272,000 up to the end of 2016.

Audio Visual presentations were also discussed showing the extensive work carried out by the Malta Commandery specialised in medieval edutainment and re-enactment called Project Lazarus Malta and also the Emergency Rescue and Response Corps based in Gozo. International projects in India, Ethiopia, Rwanda and the UK were also featured during the event.

The details for the next investiture in Malta were also unveiled. The next investiture is scheduled for February 2017, and will be held at the same time as two back-to-back EU conferences specializing in job inclusion for the disadvantaged and the disabled. St. Lazarus is keenly active in these EU platforms, as its European membership and initiatives attest.


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