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All Grand Priories under the United Grand Priories are registered in their own jurisdictions (July 2012)




Throughout the months from May 2012 onwards, after the successful International Lazarite Symposium held in April, the Office of the Grand Chancellor of the United Grand Priories has been overseeing the various jurisdictions of the Order throughout the world in order to comply with the laws of the land and to ensure that all Grand Priories are fully registered within their own territory.

This initiative was encouraged by the Grand Officers of the Order during the International Lazarite Symposium so as to ensure maximum transparency in the extensive Hospitaller work and initiatives undertaken by the Order in various jurisdictions.

By being thus registered within their respective territories, all the Grand Priories would be thus legally bound to submit their income and expenditure to the local authorities and thus further testify to the strong Hospitaller missions that each Grand Priory would have executed during the calendar year in question.

Needless to say, some jurisdictions have been thus registered within their jurisdiction since their founding many years ago. One must also keep in mind that different countries have different methods of registering non-governmental organizations, some by means of Foundations, some by means of Associations and some by a complete incorporation of the NGO in question. For example, in July 2012, the Grand Priory of the United States, which was founded in 2011 as a chivalric and philanthropic NGO, has now even incorporated itself as per the laws of Nevada. This move makes it even easier for patrons wishing to donate to the Order in this country since all donations to us would now be tax-deductable.


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