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Union CSLI - The Union's Lazarus Cross - a new milestone in saying "Thank You" (September 2013)

LU Cross Special Level with original ribbon 450

In its tradition as a non-partisan and interdenominational organization, the LAZARUS UNION has founded the "Lazarus Cross of the Union" as a visible thank you for ALL benefactors that have given support, through donations large or small, to an organization of their choice.

We are of the firm conviction that supporting any charitable organization ultimately serves the same purpose as our aims. Therefore, for the LAZARUS UNION, it does not matter what the political, religious or spiritual orientation of a charity is, as long as the guarantee is given that the donations have the 'seal of approval' of meeting our underlying guidelines.

The LAZARUS UNION, which sees itself as an international umbrella organization and is registered as an NGO at the United Nations and the European Union, deliberately does not award itself this Cross for organizational reasons. However, the Union would like to give all members, and especially non-members, the opportunity to receive this recognition of their charitable work.

This LAZARUS UNION award is to thank people who are engaged in charitable activities, working for peace and reconciliation and standing up for others, and also OTHER organizations that meet our donations 'seal of approval' (e.g. the Red Cross, UN agencies, Doctors Without Borders, Fire Services, the Samaritans, Caritas, Diakonia, the Weibe Mowe flying club, Vinzi Rast-Corti Haus, etc).

Awarding guidelines:

On the basis of donations to other organisations
Anyone donating a minimum amount of EUR 50.- (or the equivalent in other currencies) to a charitable humanitarian NGO organisation (in Austria an approved charity organisation with "Spendengutesiegel") is entitled to file an application for themselves requesting to be awarded the Union's Lazarus Cross (click Application form Lazarus Cross A for an application form). The application form together with proof of the donation shall be mailed to the LAZARUS UNION via email: Subject "Union Cross" or by conventional mail.

Once every month a board will examine all contributions and select the highest ten donations for an award. Yet a specific amount is no requirement for an award.

Obviously the rule is: the higher the amount the greater the probability for an award. This rule shall ensure that the donation is in the centre of the focus and not the award. So when making the donation the donators themselves do not know "how big the reward" will be.

The selected donators will be informed and as soon as the cost contribution is received certificates will be drawn and mailed respectively handing over will be agreed. No legal entitlement to the above-mentioned awards shall be constituted from an application. All decisions are final and not subject to legal appeal.


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