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Supreme Grand Priory Suspends, expels former Sicilian Grand Prior - Authorizes new Grand Prior Elect (January 2014)

In a decree issued at the beginning of January 2014, after a number of warning letters related to the constitutional non-compliance of the former Grand Prior of Sicily, Mr. Gaetano Tamburella, the Supreme Grand Priory of the Order of Saint Lazarus suspended all the offices of the Grand Priory of Sicily and expelled, for gross misconduct, the mentioned past Grand Prior from the Order, with all the latter's offices and decorations being stripped away from him.

The Supreme Grand Priory of the Order of Saint Lazarus, in order to ensure that the Hospitaller work of the Order is properly executed within the jurisdiction of Sicily, appointed Dame Barbara Marino DLJ as Grand Prior-Elect of the Grand Priory of Sicily. Dame Marino and her appointed officers will be consecrated in her office during the Grand Priory's investiture which will be held later this year.

The Supreme Grand Priory also wishes to inform its members and the public in general that the Order of Saint Lazarus has no connection whatsoever with the Sicilian association called Associazzione ONLUS San Lazzaro di Gerusalemme - Croce Verde. This organization is not a Hospitaller organization and any fraudulent attempts by this organization to project itself as linked to our Order will be dealt with severely according to law.


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